How To Use Stripe In Mexico | The Complete Guide

If you're in Mexico and ready to process payments with Stripe, then you're going to love this guide. Learn everything you need to start processing international payments today.

Can I use Stripe in Mexico?

Are you ready to use Stripe’s awesome payment tools, but not sure if Mexico is supported yet? Well you’re in luck - Stripe is officially supported in Mexico with complete support for the Mexican Peso among 135+ other currencies!

Stripe has been available in Mexico since Oct 24, 2019 after running a thorough beta test. You can now accept and transfer payments from all across the country. Mexico being the first country in Latin America to be completely integrated into the Stripe platform.

Stripe offers flexible payment solutions including subscription management, analytics, fraud protection, and more. This valuable feature-set has attracted thousands of Mexican businesses already, as well as big titans of industry like OXXO.


Why do I need Stripe?

Stripe is one of the top payment processors in the world, processing payments from millions of businesses worldwide, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Stripe offers robust capabilities for handing credit-card payments online, in app, and through POS.

Stripe allows Mexican businesses and entrepreneurs to accept credit card payments from all around the world with exposure to more than 135+ currencies.

Creating a Stripe account in Mexico

Ready to create your Stripe account? After you sign up and your identity has been confirmed, as well as a bank account connected, you’ll be ready to accept payments instantly!

Approved Account

Creating a new account is easy:

  • Head over to Stripe
  • Create your profile
  • Verify your identity
  • Connect a bank account

After you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to collect payments! Any purchases made will be automatically deposited into your connected bank account after 1-3 business days pending any refunds or chargebacks.

If there are disputes or you need to refund a customer, responding and taking action is very easy from inside the Stripe dashboard. Funds will be automatically withdrawn from your account when necessary.

Stripe Fees In Mexico

What does Stripe charge in Mexico?

Stripe offers a great toolset to help small businesses and entrepreneurs collect payments online. While it is free to create a Stripe account, there is a percent based processing fee that will be added to every transaction. This fee is subject to change, and can vary depending on what activities you’re using Stripe for (ie ACH bank transfers / Billing offer an additional fee).

Let’s dive in and see what the fee structure looks like for businesses in Mexico:

Stripe Fees (Mexico)

  • 3.6% + MXN $3 per successful transaction
  • Installment Fees (meses sin intereses) vary by length - see below
  • Learn more about Stripe Fees here

In some international markets, consumer credit card companies offer what are known as installments (meses sin intereses in Mexico) that allow customers to divide purchases over multiple billing cycles.

Installment Fees (meses sin intereses)

When a customer makes a purchase, you’ll receive the full amount (minus processing fees) similar to a normal charge, and the customer’s bank will handle collecting the rest of the payment independently. This feature is available to all Stripe customers in Mexico.

The fees vary based on the length of the installment period:

  • 3 months - 5%
  • 6 months - 7.5%
  • 9 months - 10%
  • 12 months - 12.5%
  • 18 months -17.5%
  • 25 months - 22.5%

For more information on payment installments, head over to Stripe’s documentation.

Using Stripe

Using Stripe to accept payments in Mexico

Once you have your account verified and set up completely, you’re ready to start collecting payments from your customers. From here, you have a few different options:

Hire a developer to create a custom payment form for your product

This solution is great for businesses looking to create a fully designed checkout experience, where the products don’t change very often. If you fall into this category, it makes it reasonable cost-wise to design and develop a customer portal for your customers.

Use Stripe Checkout to embed a link to payment page on your website

Stripe now offers a solution to help their users collect payments on their website a little easier. To use Stripe Checkout you must first create a Product and Price inside Stripe’s interface. After that’s done, you’ll be able to generate a Checkout code snippet that you can copy + paste into your website.

This solution works best for those who want to avoid any extra expenses associated with managing a checkout portal, but who also have some technical know-how to embed code and html on a website or platform like WordPress for example.

Easily create international products with SecuraCart

The easiest way to use Stripe in Mexico is to create instantly shareable products with SecuraCart. SecuraCart was built to help make it as easy as possible to accept payments with Stripe. We offer a complete solution to help you accept one-time and recurring subscription payments worldwide.

To create a secure payment page with SecuraCart:

  • Create your free account
  • Create a Product and Pricing Plan
  • Embed your form on your website, or share the link with your customers
  • Done!

In less than 5 minutes you can start collecting international payments online with Stripe, without coding, hiring a developer, or spending endless hours trying to figure it out yourself. We help take the guesswork out of getting your payment system set up.

Mexico and Stripe


Getting started with Stripe in Mexico is easy as can be, and has many Mexican entrepreneurs excited. The largest hurdle that you’ll have to overcome is the actual implementation of Stripe onto your website. If you need help, make sure you check out some of our other posts on the blog, as well as explore Stripe’s own resources. You can find code examples, guides, starter templates, and more.

If you’re looking to start selling your products online but don’t know where to start, create a FREE SecuraCart account today to start processing payments in minutes. Built to work with Stripe, we have everything you need to help grow your business with one time and recurring payments.

Start collecting payments in 5 minutes.

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