The Best Way To Get Stripe Pricing Pages On Your WordPress Website

Need help getting a pricing page set up with Stripe on your WordPress site? Use this simple guide to accept subscription and one-time credit card payments via Stripe checkout payment gateway on your WP site today!

This guide will show you exactly how you can get a beautiful pricing page added to your WordPress website in minutes with little to no “tech-skills” involved. You're going to find this helpful if you own a small to medium-sized business that offers a variety of services, with a focus on monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Getting Stripe to work correctly with your website, whether Squarespace, WordPress, or similar, can be a giant hassle. Save time and avoid headaches by following this easy guide and using our intuitive plugin. This works for one-time payments and subscription payments, and will empower you to easily create customized pricing options for your business. By the end, you'll be able to get a pricing page set up on your WordPress website so you can start collecting credit card payments as soon as possible.

Today we’re going to use SecuraCart to create a pricing page for a fictional landscaping company called BigGreen Landscaping.

BigGreen's Website

BigGreen has a pricing page problem

BigGreen is a small business that doesn’t want to spend time or money to have a developer make updates to their website. But they also want to offer multiple recurring subscription payment options to their clients. So what should they do?

Today we're going to walk step-by-step through the setup process to help BigGreen start collecting credit card payments right on their website. Even cooler? BigGreen will now be able to accept payments "in-the-field", via text message, email, and more.

Here’s a picture of what we’re making:

WordPress Pricing Page

How to make a Stripe WordPress Checkout

First, we need to decide what we want to charge our customers. Luckily, BigGreen has done all the heavy lifting and knows exactly what they want to charge their clients - they just need a little help getting it added to their website.

Their pricing structure looks something like this:


  • Lawn mowing ($79 per week)
  • Lawn mowing + Weeding ($99 per week)
  • Lawn mowing + Weeding ($2999 per year)

Pretty simple so far right?

We have three pricing plans that we’re going to offer our customers. Two of the plans recur weekly (this is important for healthy grass). One of the plans recurs annually to help save BigGreen's best customers money, while also providing the stability and predictability of pre-earned revenue.

So how do we get everything set up so BigGreen customers can easily check out on their website?

This is where the secret sauce happens!

Creating Our Pricing Page

Before we can add our page to our website, first let’s head over to SecuraCart and create a new Product. SecuraCart allows you to easily accept credit cards using Stripe as your payment processor.

SecuraCart new product

We’re going to use the pricing plan builder to create a plan for each of BigGreen’s main pricing plans. We want to display them from lowest to highest in price. Hit “Save” and we’re done!

Let’s preview our pricing first

SecuraCart automatically creates a secure cloud-hosted page for your product, so we can just take a look at that to make sure everything is perfect before we add it to our site.

SecuraCart subscription payment form

Looking great! Let’s get it added.

Embedding on our website

After saving your product you’ll be taken to the Share screen. From here we can choose between the following options:

  • Share a link
  • Embed
  • Embed a payment button
  • Wordpress Integration

SecuraCart share options

Add Pricing Page To WordPress

  • Log in to your site
  • Go to Plugins
  • Search for “SecuraCart”
  • Click “Install”
  • Click “Activate”
  • Done!

Install SecuraCart WordPress plugin

Now that we have the free Stripe Payment Gateway plugin for WordPress installed, we’re minutes away from having our pricing page live and ready to sell some landscaping for BigGreen. Let’s finish strong!

SecuraCart adds a nifty little Guttenberg block to your WordPress editor that can be used to add sign up forms or pricing pages anywhere on your site that you would like (Includes pages, posts, and custom post-types). Since we want this on our pricing page, let’s head over to Pages and open our pricing page in the Guttenberg editor.

From here, we’re going to click Add, then select SecuraCart Payment from the dropdown menu.

WordPress Guttenberg Widget

Now, all we need to do is select “Pricing Page” and add the url to our product

SecuraCart WordPress widget

Hit Publish and let’s check it out

Subscription Payments

Here’s what just happened

In less than 10 minutes, we helped BigGreen:

  • Add their pricing plans to Stripe - updates will be auto-synced
  • Instead of wasting time and money to pay a developer to manage their website, BigGreen optimized their pricing in house using WordPress' simple editor.
  • Create a beautiful pricing page with those plans that clearly explain the differences
  • Display their pricing page on their website
  • Offer flexible payment options for future clients


While a little intimidating at first, BigGreen was able to streamline payment collection in their business by creating a simple and helpful pricing page that emedded nicely on their existing WordPress site. Now they can accept Stripe recurring payments right in WordPress. We hope this guide helps you do the same for your business. If you have any questions about WordPress or any other platforms - let us know down below in the comments! We're happy to help.

📚 TLDR - Summary

  • Create a free SecuraCart account and add your pricing plans
  • Install the SecuraCart WordPress plugin on your website
  • Add your SecuraCart product url and Publish!
  • Easily display a sign-up form, pricing page, and more!
  • Learn more about our payment forms


Start collecting payments in 5 minutes.

* No credit card required to sign up.

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