Automatic Dark Mode Checkout

Automatically detect whether or not your clients prefer dark mode to provide an optimized checkout experience your customers will love.

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Take advantage of these features
Look Great On Every Device
Whether you client is on a mobile or desktop, PC or Mac - Your forms will look great.
Respect Device Preferences
Dark mode will automatically detect user's preferences and adjust accordingly. Turn off at any time.
Not Just For Your Customers.
Use the entire app in dark mode, for beautiful - and comfortable - viewing.

The benefits of dark mode

Dark Mode has many benefits that have led to the popularity of this setting online and in-app. From reducing eye strain, to providing more contrast in dark environments, to saving battery life, dark mode is a more comfortable option for many people. SecuraCart provides you and your clients with the option to enable a dark theme at any time.

The smarter way to go dark

Many apps allow you to switch to a custom dark mode theme. But the last thing we want to do is force a customer to use a color scheme of our choosing. With SecuraCart, we automatically monitor your customer's device preferences (mobile and desktop) to dynamically set dark or light modes. This works amazing for clients who utilize light mode during the day, and dark mode at night. Even better? Dark mode is built into the entire app, making it easy for you to work at night as well.

Making it easy to say yes

Dark mode may not be the highest priority on some of our user's lists. But that doesn't mean your customers won't greatly appreciate the gesture. This is one of those features that is purely for the comfort of your clients. It's about respecting their choices, making it simple and easy to pay you, and of course showing that you appreciate them.

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